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Diane Cole Stevens
Diane Cole Stevens

Level: Artistic Director, Salon Owner

Established Cole Stevens Salon in 2002

Awards: Nioxin Artist, Member of Intercoiffure

Experience: 20+ years in the industry

Savvy in customizing cutting techniques to highlight color, textures, and style

Fun Fact: Diane was invited to exclusive membership of Intercoiffure, an international, influential organization of elite salons. She enjoys giving back to young women, and spends time educating and coaching her girls in the Cinderella Foundation.

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Renee Williams

Level:Creative; Lead Hair Enhancement Specialist in Belle Point, MD

Joined Cole Stevens in 2011

Experience: 20 years

Savvy in precision hair-cutting and customizing techniques to create natural hair enhancements

Fun Fact: Renee most enjoys creating new looks by utilizing different hair-styling techniques that fit the specific needs of her clients. Renee also studies Trichology, the scientific study of the hair and scalp. In her free time, she is a Cycling Instructor and fitness guru.

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Jamel Monroe
Jamel Monroe

Level: Senior Director

Joined Cole Stevens in September of 2015

Experience: 36 years

Savvy in short hairstyles and statement cutting

Fun Fact: Prior to Cole Stevens, Jamel collaborated with top beauty brands, Mizani and Revlon, as a Platform Artist, soon followed by his achievements in the Black Hair Olympics.

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Giselle Sencion

Level: Director

Joined in 2007

Savvy in specialized cuts and styles – including curls

Fun Fact: Giselle’s friendly and humorous personality is what intrigues her clients. For each appointment and consultation, she starts and begins with a smile.

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Brenda Arias

Level: Director

Joined Cole Stevens in 2008

Savvy in round brushing and a variety of styling techniques

Fun Fact: Brenda is a great teacher. Her positive spirit always uplifts her peers and clients.

Koren Green

Level: Director

Joined Cole Stevens in February 2018

Savvy in cutting, loves styling short hair

Fun Fact: Koren is motivated by success! She enjoys cooking at home and other activities that engage the body such as yoga class and playing tennis.

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Patricia Augustus

Level: Designer Stylist

Joined Cole Stevens in 2016

Experience: 5 years

Savvy Specializes in Natural hair, enhancements, Braiding Styles, Flex-Rod Sets

Fun Fact: Patricia enjoys learning Spanish and observing sunrises/sunsets

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Brittany S. Harry

Level: Senior Designer

Joined Cole Stevens in 2011

Savvy in the round-brushing technique and sealed styling for women of all ages

Fun Fact: Brittany is inspired by new hair trends, fashion shows, beauty education and her cheerful clientele.

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Olga Echavarria

Level: Designer

Joined Cole Stevens in 2009

Awards: Cole Stevens’ Most Valuable Player Award (2013) and Most Passionate Award (2015)

Savvy in moisturizing treatments, hair growth and strengthening

Nelly Hernandez

Level: Designer

Joined Cole Stevens in 2013

Experience: 7 years

Savvy Master of the Round Brush Technique, Twist Sets, Flexi-Rods, Styles short and long hair.

Fun Fact: Nelly speaks fluent Spanish and is positive, happy and spiritual

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