Stylists Receive Cole Stevens Awards

The Cole Stevens Salon Awards were established in 2014 to honor stylists for their commitment and hard work. Each year, stylists are acknowledged for their contribution to the Cole Stevens brand both in front of the chair and behind the chair. Stylists are nominated in categories such as “Most Improved Stylist,” “Most Valuable Player,” “Passionate for Education,” “Efficiency” and more. Click the gallery below to see all the winners!

Picture Gallery:

Olga: Avon Stevens Punctual Award, Heart & Soul Award
Patricia: Avon Stevens Punctual Award
Giselle: Avon Stevens Punctual Award
Fifi: Avon Stevens Punctual Award
Michelle: Avon Stevens Punctual Award
Camille: Avon Stevens Punctual Award
Aliya: Avon Stevens Punctual Award
Caylein: Avon Stevens Punctual Award
Kenya: Avon Stevens Punctual Award
Angie: Avon Stevens Punctual Award
Chantal: Most Passionate for Education Award
Giselle: Most Inspirational Award
Blake: Excellence Award
Detra: Creative Vision Award
Camille: Perfectionist Award
Brittany: Efficiency Award
Jamel: Spirit Award
Kourtney: Most Improved Stylist Award
Khadijah: Best Educator Award
Aliya: Most Improved Associate
Schuan: MVP Guest Services Award
Precious: MVP Stylist, Junior Team
Fifi: MVP Stylist, Senior Team

Best in Social Media: Fifi, Detra, Kourtney, Giselle, Camille, Precious, Renee (not pictured)
Best in Customer Service: Angie, Patricia, Kayleigh