A Different Cut

As textured hair specialists, we look for innovative ways to treat, enhance and protect curly hair. Traditional cutting techniques are for straight hair. For a client who always wears her hair natural, she would have it blow-dried straight to receive a trim or cut. A cutting technique called Deva Cut gives curly girls an option.

Camille is a Creative Stylist at Cole Stevens on Capitol Hill in Washington D.C. She was trained by a Deva Curl Academy Educator on the technique of cutting hair in its natural state to achieve an optimal curly style. She gives us insight into what makes this option ideal.

What is a deva cut?
A DevaCurl cut celebrates the curly lifestyle. The techniques reveal the true beauty of your curls and promote a pro-curl mentality and way of life.  The cut is for those who choose to wear their hair curly exclusively.

Where did you learn how to do it?
I participated in a course with DevaCurl Academy through Cole Stevens Salon and became a certified Deva-Inspired Stylist.

When would you do a deva cut?
I may choose to execute a Signature DevaCurl cut when the guest plans to wear their hair exclusively in its curly form.

What is the benefit of a deva cut?
The main benefit of the cut is actually cutting the curls right where they ‘live’.

What hair types are best for the cut?
A Signature DevaCurl cut is best suited for wavy, curly and super-curly tresses.

How often should a client get their hair cut?
An individual curl consultation will determine how often the cut should be performed .

What products help sustain curl?
DevaCurl has a full line of products to cleanse, condition, style and shape.